Jumat, 18 September 2015

Successful Selling Online Pecel

With the development of information technology, memsarakan products through online is a very profitable way. Besides easy to not give information quickly, through the virtual world market was also able to get a lot of customers.

It acted Aminah residents from the city of Surabaya, East Java. He sold pecel with the online system. This method may erdengar strange, because in general pecel is a traditional food made from some vegetables and seasonings pecel. Then added pelangkap seoerti crackers.

Pecel we used to see mothers usually peddled around the village or to settle in roadside stalls, but with new ideas and innovation, female junior high school graduates trying to sell pecel with the online system.

Originally the idea came after he attended training SMEs in Surabaya, then the mother Aminah tried to make pecel in packaging. Cloverleaf that the core material is made of dry dantinya then if you want to eat to stay dip into the hot water. On the other hand pecelnya tibuat spices in a sealed container that can last up to several days.

Pecel mother aminah sell at a price of 25-75 thousand Perpaket. To keep ingredients in the manufacture of pecel, mother aminah made six rice fields for planting clover. Monthly turnover could reach 3 million rupah. According to the turnover, able to boost the economy of the family.

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