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Animals Funny Japanese Hokkaido Island

If you buff cute animals, you can visit the island of Hokkaido Japan. The island is located in the northern part of Japan that is famous for funny animal populations. Animal-hwan will make your annoyance at the sight.

Hokkaido is home to a beautiful animal populations that can not meet anywhere else. Natural scenery on the island is also very beautiful, and has a unique culture. The following cute animals you can find on the island of Hokkaido.

1. Ezo Momonga. This is a similar animals flying squirrel. These animals have large eyes and small claws make looks cute and adorable.
2. Shima- Enaga. This animal has a white color with soft fur and has a long tail. The most amusing of these animals is Shima -Enage not have white eyebrows and his face shone.
3. Lizuna. Animals sejanis ferrets can be camouflaged when winter arrives. If musaim animal heat will brown and if the winter will turn white to resemble snow.
4. Ezo Naki Usagi. A local subspecies of Northern Pika. These animals live throughout northern Japan. These animals also inspired the character Pikachu in Pokemon movie.
5. Ezo Fukuro. Is an owl who likes to eat the cute animals around them. If you look at the current position of sleep, the animal is so adorable.

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