Jumat, 25 September 2015

Dressing Tips current rainy season

Indonesia has two seasons, wet and dry seasons. Two seasons are certainly different from each other. It required a different outfit in every season. According to observers of fashion, there are several aaturan in every season to choose clothes.

Here are tips to dress during the rainy season
1. Always prepare mini dress in your closet. In the rainy season wearing clothes with long skirts or trousers will keep you busy. This is because the puddles will easily soaks your clothes. You are advised to wear a midi dress. It will membuayt you comfortable and looks relaxed. Avoid dres made from silk and brightly colored as if terkana water it will be transparent.
2. Select the waterproof shoes. Shoes are further accessories that need to be considered during the rainy season. You are advised to use waterproof shoe material. Waterproof footwear will allow you to do outdoor activities during the rainy season. Avoid shoes made of Suide because this material is very easy to absorb water. If you use this type of boots, try not to wear socks because if wet your feet will cause odor.
3. Note the use of bags. During the rainy season, choose a bag that has buttons closed. Put all the items in the bag when performing activities outside the home. You can coat the bags with special pelingunf sold in the market.

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