Jumat, 09 Oktober 2015

Here Food Causes Migraines Need to Know

Migraine or headache is indeed very disturbing. Especially if it comes amid we are busy working on a job. Usually one way to overcome this is by taking medication migraine, but not all migraine can be treated with painkillers head. Of course this can make migraine sufferers increasingly tormented. If you frequently experience this you should avoid the following foods cause migrants.

Food berpengawet

The first is food berpengawet. Nowadays almost every food sold in supermarkets or supermarkets contain preservatives which have an adverse impact on health. one of the side effects of food berpengawet is able to cause headaches. Therefore, you should avoid and reduce these foods. because the additives contained in such foods can trigger a migraine.

Food and beverages containing caffeine

The second is caffeine. For those of you who are sensitive to caffeine should avoid foods and beverages that contain caffeine. But there are also some people who use caffeine to meirngankan migraine he suffered.

Alcoholic beverages

The next is an alcoholic beverage. The alcohol content of tyramine can cause skait head. This is because alcohol causes the body to become dehydrated which is a major cause of migraine.

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