Minggu, 04 Oktober 2015

Common Mistakes Actors Diet

Have an ideal body is the thing that everybody wants. However, due to diet and unhealthy lifestyle makes a person's body becomes less menraik like a distended abdomen. To avoid this, many people do exercise to shrink the stomach. Unfortunately the program to shrink the stomach are done often mistaken. According dala disease specialist, Dr. dr. Aris Wibudi said that there are two common mistakes people do to shrink the stomach.

1. Sports in the morning before eating. According to experts in the disease, we must not starve. If you exercise before eating it will cause excessive hunger. Moreover consumed carbohydrate that is easily broken down into glucose so that it makes blood sugar rise. Therefore, you are advised breakfast before exercise. Provide drinks so you do not become dehydrated. Beverages consumed cold drinks is also not recommended because it justri not good for the body.

2. Doing sit ups. The sport most people do to reduce bloated stomach. But you need to know if crunches are not suitable for those who have a distended abdomen due to fat deposits. Distended stomach is caused due to accumulation of fat in the abdominal cavity instead of under the skin directly as part of the thigh and cheek. So this will be in vain.

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